We are a system integrator headquartered in Dubai, with offices in Egypt and the Caribbean. We design and deploy industry-specific technology to streamline business operations through our portfolio of solutions, managed services, and consultancy.

Potensia Systems has the capability to implement solutions on a global scale. We offer bespoke, high-end technology solutions for companies worldwide. Our expertise encompasses IT infrastructure, Security Systems, Data Centers, AV CCTV, ELV Solutions, Parking, Access Control, and more.

Our business solutions are integrated, drawing from the latest products and bolstered by our team’s extensive experience and know-how. In doing so, we enable businesses to swiftly address their technology needs, establishing an IT infrastructure that safeguards people, property, and information. All these efforts pave the way for the sustainable growth of businesses.


With our skills, robust processes and quality hardware we develop cost-efficient solutions to implement your project professionally and improve your business efficiency for the long term.

We add value through the integration of technologies from various manufacturers, so you get the latest and most reliable technology available without the hassle of researching, sourcing and importing.

Whether your business requires solutions for one floor or multiple offices globally, we address each enterprise system afresh to ensure your systems work for you and your business.

As your business grows so will your IT architecture. Maintaining relevance in business often involves modifying or migrating to new technologies.

All your solutions under one roof

With Potensia Systems there’s no need to use multiple providers for your multiple IT needs – whether it’s software, hardware, support, solutions or supply we are the one provider for all your IT needs.

We are your partner to ensure the right technology is used for your business.

Why Us

Why partner with Potensia Systems?

Supported by a strong management team and controlled supply chain processes, our brand is the authority in integrated IT service solutions

As a partner we continue to support you after implementation. We are by your side for the long term.

Maintenance and Customer Support

Our technical specialists take into consideration all relevant factors, such as level of usage, operating environment and the legal requirements of equipment before recommending the programme that best suits your specific needs.