Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Solutions

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Systems in UAE

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) technologies play numerous essential roles in modern day facilities, functioning in various capabilities such as communications and personnel coordination. As professional security system integrators, Potensia Systems can design, provide, and execute integrated ELV systems in UAE to boost the security of your property, protect your important assets, and improve your efficiency in dealing with high-alert situations.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

ELV Systems for Home Automation In Dubai

Potensia Systems can turn your humble abode into a state-of-the-art smart home in Dubai with intelligent home automation. We can conceptualize, plan, develop, and install integrated ELV systems that automate your desired functions at home, thus enhancing ease and comfort. Turn on your air conditioning and driveway lights even before you arrive home, with a home control system that can be accessed via your laptop, tablet, or even mobile phone. Improve your quality of life by partner with our company in Dubai.

ELV Systems for Access Control in Dubai

Manage the accessibility of facilities, spaces, and assets, with specialized ELV systems for access control. As a systems integrator, we can tie together various stand-alone technologies such as automated door locks, RFID scanners, biometrics stations, fingerprint readers, and magnetic card gates into a unified network that works seamlessly for your facility in UAE. Improve your security with face recognition or iris scanners, or secure your corporate database and documents with top-of-the-line firewalls and keycode systems. We can utilize existing LAN infrastructure or build one to your requirements as a part of the package – the choice is yours.

ELV Systems for IP Telephony and Intercoms in Dubai

Enhance internal coordination and communication through integrated wireless audio intercoms, tied together by a highly efficient extra low voltage system designed by Potensia. Leveraging the capabilities and flexibility of a LAN infrastructure, our company in Dubai can roll out a telephony and intercom system that utilizes Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology, eliminating the need to install dedicated wiring.

ELV Systems for Intrusion Detection in Dubai

Protect your property from unauthorized entry with the help of an intrusion detection system designed specifically for you by our ELV company in Dubai. Whether you want to secure your home, office, or warehouse, our IDS technologies can enhance your security and reassure your peace of mind. As professional integrators in UAE, we are experts in connecting ELV systems for the purpose of detecting potential intrusions and giving clients ample time for prevention. Our range of technologies includes surveillance systems, fibre optic cabling, infrared motion sensors, and short-range radars.


ELV Systems for Public Address and General Alarms

Benefit from a facility-wide Public Address and General Alarm System (PAGAS) with the help of Potensia’s industry-grade ELV systems. Our expert team in Dubai can maximize your LAN network to function as the foundation of your PAGA system, allowing you to disseminate public announcements, play background music, and alert your personnel with pre-recorded instructions in case of emergency.

ELV Systems for SMATV / IPTV

Enable distributed viewership through the connection of multiple television sets to one source – known as the Head End – via specialized ELV systems from Potensia. From Satellite Master Antenna Television technologies to more digital IPTV packages, our ELV company in Dubai can allow you to switch through different channels with ease.

Our packages come with extensive customer support, so you have nothing to worry about in terms of troubleshooting and maintenance.