Home Automation in Dubai

Experience the next level of luxury and comfort at home, with assisted intelligent and state-of-the-art home automation technology from Potensia – your trusted home automation company in Dubai and all over UAE. We offer customisable deluxe packages that turn your living space into a fully-automated network that you can command with the simple press of a button.

Our expertise covers the following:

Lighting Control Automation in Dubai

Want the lights to turn on the moment you walk into your living room? How about having your outdoor lamps light up as soon as your car approaches the driveway? With our lighting control packages, we can make all this come true and more. From motion sensors to switches and photocells, we can give you full control over your lights at home for your convenience.

Blinds Control System in Dubai

Bask in the sunlight and a great view of the outdoors or enjoy complete privacy – the choice is yours, with a centralised blinds control system installed in your home. Our home automation company in Dubai can give you the power to control the blinds in any room of your home through your mobile phone, providing incredible ease of use.

HVAC Control Systems and Automation Solutions in Dubai

Have complete control over the heating, cooling, and ventilation of your home or office in the UAE with our automated environment control systems. Have the ability to remotely cool, heat, or ventilate any room or space, with our automation packages, while benefiting from optimised power consumption through unique formulas and combinations.

Centralised System Control via Touch Screen Devices & iPads in Dubai

Control all the systems in you home or building in UAE through an optimised, easy-to-use touch screen device. Whether you are adjusting the temperature in your meeting room or turning on the lights in the front yard, our home automation company in Dubai can make things much easier for you with a centralised design.

Guest Room Management Solutions in Dubai

Treat your guests with supreme comfort and optimise your energy consumption at the same time, with the help of our high-end guest room management systems, designed specifically for you.

Energy Savings in UAE

Enhanced energy management and improved energy savings can be achieved with our specialised packages, localised for the UAE market.

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