Design & Planning

We can be the masterminds behind your spotless coordination and spectacular order. Everyone knows the importance of a great and distinctly scripted overall plan, how they precede great projects – this is what we offer you, total and all-encompassing design and planning tailored with finesse.

You will find our services immensely useful for your project, be it the erection of a new facility or building up more operations and logistics into an existing location. Our calculated and thorough provisions guarantee you tangible efficiency and indisputable results! We have the professionals and the work set to avail you phenomenal change in record time. Potensia systems is packed with seasoned experts who are excited to guide your business in momentum and capacity through informed counsel to taking the best investment choices suitable for your business. Our work pattern is emphatically thorough – we will go through each stakeholder individually, note results, gather data from research conducted by our professionals and then proffer recommendations that will best profit your endeavor. Our efforts towards your business can take a few days to yield concrete directions for small projects and may extend to weeks for plans that require intricate and extensive attention.

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Project Management

Want premium project management? the burdens associated with the many planning and management that is involved with the proper administration of your project. What does this mean for you? It simply reveals that with our services, you can enjoy the smooth installation of your system,

timely execution and economic (yet highly qualitative) conclusion of your project with zero downtimes. Our devotion to you is boundless really, within the spheres of your project and your desired goals. We employ all needed hands on deck to see to it that the implementation of your project encounters no hitches, detractions or detours. We believe a lot in maximal time utilization and aware of how it bears on the performance and economy of your project, so we are poised to give you marvelous results in great time! have as much sole dedication and extensive experience as our provided project managers would. Let us be the heart of your evolution; we’re good at that!

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Service & Maintenance

When you engage the services of Potensia systems for the creation of your communication networks and security systems, you present yourself with the gift of our superior services. Not only do we bring the whole works to the service of you, but our intimate knowledge of your unique solution

would help us service and maintain your systems painlessly. Imagine the great feeling of solemn assurance and rest when you know that for life, Our expert staff and engineers are trained to train and to carry our your project without hitches or strike. With us, you are insured and assured of an incredible customer relationship and service. In being your constant go-to hosts for the excellent quality service you enjoy, we establish an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with you following the expiration of the warranty period. This agreement covers popular subjects like our services, responsibilities, priorities, guarantees, and warranties. The services we offer to returning, and first-time clients in maintenance and general operation are extensive. Below you will find a list of our works and provisions; · Routine maintenance of equipment and facilities. · Emergency service restoration · Network monitoring services and continuing network analysis. · Adds, moves, and changes of equipment · Employee training · Day-to-day provisionin

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As part of our devotion to you, we ensure that all our clients are trained by experienced engineers after a project involving a power equipment or a complicated system. This is done to equip them with the right knowledge as this will help ward off problems in future and will make for optimized output generation.

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Installation & Cabling Works

Potensia systems, with all the we bring and the years of experience we have in information technology and general engineering, are easily the grandmasters of all installations and cabling works. When it is communications related or power related or perhaps a security project that involves

either hardware or software installations our technicians can be trusted to give you a sparkling service. What’s more? Did you know that all our engineers are supported by technicians each time they are to carry out an installation or cabling activity? Or that each staff member under our covering undergoes a thorough training and pre-qualification process. This is to help assure you that our fame in Dubai and in other parts of the world is not wrongly placed; we only send out the best to handle your task and only the best service will you get from us.

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Testing & Commissioning

Testing procedures are recommended during the installation of new hardware or software when troubleshooting for problems and generally during repairs or routine checks. With Potensia systems, you well knowing that our results and conclusions from tests conducted are founded on the highest quality

and are thus worthy of trust. FATs (better known as Factory Acceptance Tests) are organized for projects which by virtue of their complexity and intricacy are required to be tested abroad. SATs or Site Acceptance Tests, as you guessed, are performed by specialists before jobs are released finally to our clients. Unit Tests, UTs, run on items before they are taken into the laboratory and installed. To show you how thorough we are and how concerned we are about the wellbeing and satisfaction of our clients, we set a minimum of 14 days aside for proper and in-depth testing of equipment by our technical staff.

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